About Ian

Fresh of the Plane… sorta…

I was a young immigrant boy who viewed the world through a lens of curiosity and wonder. Growing up in a divorced home, I felt the weight of abandonment and sought to appease the adults around me by attuning myself to their emotions. This constant striving to elicit positive feelings in others was a form of self-preservation for me.

My journey as an immigrant instilled in me a sense of not belonging, pushing me to constantly improve myself and prove my worth to those around me. This need for acceptance was further amplified by my uncertainty in communicating in English, which persisted even into adulthood.

Cultural expectations led me to pursue a degree in biology with a dream of becoming a doctor. I found solace in science, where I could explore the inner workings of life with a sense of certainty. However, a profound religious experience in college redirected my path towards theological seminary, where I sought answers to reconcile my faith with my sexual orientation.

My unwavering determination to explore the intersection of faith and sexuality was driven by the compassion I believed was missing in the Church's approach to the LGBT+ community. This journey took me through dark times, even to the brink of suicide, but my sense of purpose kept me moving forward.

Throughout my life, numerous mentors and influential figures guided me on my path to understanding the human experience, such as Werner Erhard, Tony Robbins, Jesus Christ, Eckhart Tolle, and many others. Their teachings helped shape my worldview and opened me up to new perspectives.

When I finally decided to celebrate my sexuality as a gift from God rather than a curse, I found freedom and a newfound sense of self. This transformation taught me the importance of embracing the truth and living authentically, as it was not only better for my mental and physical health, but also aligned with my belief in God's love and compassion.

My experiences as a gay person and a born-again Christian led me to question traditional Christian beliefs and explore a broader range of disciplines, such as science, ontology, epistemology, psychology, and philosophy. These explorations greatly expanded my understanding of what it means to be human.

Meditation, journaling, and engaging in dialogue with people of differing perspectives became invaluable tools in my journey towards self-awareness and personal growth. I discovered that the Christian worldview, while valuable, was limiting, and I began to embrace a more inclusive understanding of life and spirituality.

I found purpose in helping others through their struggles by reframing their perspectives and tapping into their inner resources. Having once asked, "What's wrong with me?", I now live from a place of knowing that there is nothing wrong with me at all. I am alive, with everything I need to create an amazing life.

Today, my aspirations lie in teaching others how to make life work for them. I believe that the key to success is understanding the power of language and using it to create and sustain reality through conversation. As I continue my journey, I remain committed to embracing truth, fostering understanding, and healing the hearts of those I encounter along the way.